On Tap at Modern Methods Brewing Company (updated 09.08.18)

1.     Darlene Lager Beer 5.5% ABV 16oz Pint | $1.75 | $4
Delicate and drinkable. Our go-to lager brewed in the pre-prohibition style featuring a kiss of noble hops and a bit of sweetness from US-grown corn in the grist.

2.     Dub City IPA  7.2% ABV 16oz Pint | $2.25 | $6

West coast-style IPA brewed with Midwestern charm!                 

3.     Roast Beast American Stout 6.0% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

Bronze Medal Winner – Stout– Ohio Craft Brewers Cup 2018

We strike a balance between the bold and the drinkable with our go-to stout. Roasty and coffee flavors with hints of chocolate.

4.     Scrappy German Hefeweizen 5.3% ABV 20oz Glass | $2 | $5

Our version of the traditional Bavarian breakfast beer. Bright and refreshing, enjoy flavors of citrus, banana, and a hint of clove all from the unique yeast.

5.     Oktoberfest Lager 5.7% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

A classic German lager with a malt-forward profile that showcases the slightly sweet, full, biscuity flavors of Vienna and Munich malts. Noble hops add a touch of floral flavor and aroma to round out this amber beauty. Prost!

6.     Nina Amber Cerveza 5.3% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

Brewed with Vienna malt, flaked maize, and a heavy dose of New Zealand Motueka hops for their Saaz-like noble and prominent lime character. Nina is a supremely drinkable lager that finishes clean with subtle chocolate and Czech-lager yeast flavors.

7.     Single Cylinder Session IPA  4.8% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

A toast to the original single-cylinder Packard automobile, brewed and served here in Warren in 1899! Full-flavored despite its low alcohol-percentage, this batch of Single Cylinder was hopped entirely with resiny and citrusy Ekuanot hops.

8.     Young at Tart Berliner Weisse 4.5% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

A mash of German wheat and pilsner malt lends a bit of sweetness to round out an aggressive lactobacillus kettle souring. It’s a lemony tart zinger perfect for muggy days!

9.     Heart of Grass American Blonde Ale 6.0% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

Local Pilsner malt from Yarian Quality Malts in Columbiana, malted by West Branch Malts, lends a unique malt complexity, honey and victory malt give sweetness and breadiness. Cascade dry hopping complements the Amarillo, Cascade, and German Hallertauer late hops in the boil. The result is a clean, drinkable ale with elements of classic American and European beers and the unique fingerprint of our own local malt and maltsters.

10. Mild and Crazy Kids English Mild 4.5% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

Quintessential British session ale, packed full of malt flavor from English Marris Otter base malt and caramel, chocolate, and roasted malts. English Ale yeast gives a slightly fruity backdrop for the roasty, nutty malt flavors. Lower ABV keeps the conversation flowing. Cheers, mate!

11. Gretchen Munich Helles Lager 5.8% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5

Darlene’s German cousin! Gretchen features Bavarian lager yeast, letting the malt bill shine and her late kettle noble hops give a wonderful spicy bouquet of hop flavor and aroma. She’ll make your hills feel alive with the sound of brewsic!

12. Brutti Tutti Session Brut IPA 4.8% ABV 20oz Glass | $2 | $6

A Session IPA brewed in the Brut IPA style. That’s Brut like Champagne-Brut. An exceptionally dry, light beer that leaves nothing between your lips and the bright, tropical flavors of Citra and Mosaic hops. As pale as our saisons and clear as our lagers, this is the perfect partner for hop lovers looking for a more intimate dance with their favorite hops.

13. Pipette Belgian Tripel 10.5% ABV 10oz Snifter | $2.50 | $6
Assistant Brewer/Chemical Engineer-in training Tiffany Tatar crafted this dangerously smooth Belgian Tripel recipe, her first in the Modern Methods lineup! Pipette features Belgian Aromatic malt for a hint of breadiness, but otherwise showcases traditional Belgian yeast and its characteristic burst of fruity, spicy flavor. $1 of each pint sold in our taproom will go to the Pink Boot Society, supporting women in brewing!

14. #HopFart New England IPA 7.7% ABV 16oz Pint | $2.25 | $6
We’re back on the #hazetrain and providing plenty of juice in the caboose. Orange, pineapple, and guava flavors jump out thanks to copious hopping with Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado. Jeff’s expert water treatment keeps the delicate #HopFart aromas vibrant and London Ale yeast gives it that #milkshank texture #silentbuthoppy #broteinshank

15. The Bockinger Maibock 6.8% ABV 16oz Pint | $2.25 | $6
This fickle lager took 25 days to ferment (worth it). The Bockinger, named for Adam’s maternal family, pours a deep copper color and has hints of bread and noble hops on the nose. A healthy dose of German Perle balances out this malt sandwich, and late kettle Hallertauer adds a spicy bit of complexity. Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, der Gemutlicheit.

16. 7 Frogs Local Pale Ale 6.8% ABV 16oz Pint | $2.25 | $6
Wet hopped with 41 lbs of Columbus, Cascade, and Chinook hops that the MM Fam picked together at 7 Frogs Hop Farm in Mecca, OH. Brewed with malt from Yarian Quality Malts in Columbiana, malted by West Branch Malts. A little piney, earthy, and citrusy, it’s a one of a kind beer!

18. Roast Beast American Stout on NITRO 6.0% ABV 16oz Pint | $2 | $5
Our delicious stout served with Nitro for a creamy finish.

West Side Heat Smoked Chipotle Imperial Stout 10% ABV 22oz Bombers $12