1.        Darlene Lager Beer 5.5% ABV
Delicate and drinkable. Our go-to lager brewed in the pre-prohibition style featuring a kiss of noble hops and a bit of sweetness from US-grown corn in the grist.

2.        Dub City IPA  7.2% ABV

Best Judged Beer – Slice of the Valley pizza and beer competition

West coast-style IPA brewed with Midwestern charm!         

3.        Roast Beast American Stout 6.0% ABV

Bronze Medal Winner – Stout– Ohio Craft Brewers Cup 2018

We strike a balance between the bold and the drinkable with our go-to stout. Roasty and coffee flavors with hints of chocolate.

4.        Scrappy German Hefeweizen 5.3% ABV

Our version of the traditional Bavarian breakfast beer. Bright and refreshing, enjoy flavors of citrus, banana, and a hint of clove all from the unique yeast.

5.        Babcia! Baltic Porter 8.7% ABV
She can give you a hug one minute and a stern talking to that you definitely need the next. It’s silky, smooth tough love in a snifter. Roasty, chocolate, and dark fruit flavors blend seamlessly thanks to a long, cold lager fermentation.

6.        There Gose My Hero Gose 5.3% ABV

Brewed with sea salt to balance the acidity, and coriander adds complexity to the mix. It smells like the ocean a little, and it’s tart and refreshing.

7.        Secret Saaz Bohemian Pilsner 5.9% ABV

Floor malted Bohemian Pilsner malt, a TON of Czech Saaz hops, and Czech lager yeast for a crazy clean finish. It’s an ode to the Saaz hop: spicy, floral, transcendental.

8.        On the Lamb Welsh Pale Ale 5.3% ABV

This recipe from Wales, where there are more sheep than people, features English pale and amber malts for a biscuity backbone and bright orange hue and is hopped late with East Kent Golding and dry hopped with Willamette for a delicious floral flavor and aroma. Fruity yeast brings everything into balance.

9.        Farmhouse 908 Saison 6.1% ABV
Gold Medal Winner – Belgian/French Saison Category – Ohio Craft Brewers Cup 2018

All local malt (West Branch Malt, Brunswick, OH), local hops (Knucklehead, Leetonia, OH), and local oats and spelt (Stutzman Farms, Millersburg, OH) team up to support Earth Angel Farm to restore an old farmhouse on the west side. Bright, flowery, peppery, a bit of hay or straw flavor from wild yeast in the mix. $1 per pint/to-go goes to EAF!

10. Mild and Crazy Kids English Mild 4.5% ABV

Quintessential British session ale, packed full of malt flavor from English Marris Otter base malt and caramel, chocolate, and roasted malts. English Ale yeast gives a slightly fruity backdrop for the roasty, nutty malt flavors.

11. Pipette Belgian Tripel 10% ABV

The pink tap is back! Pipette is our dangerously smooth Belgian Ale, showcasing fruity yeast flavors. German Hersbrucker hops at whirlpool provide some spicy and floral flavor and aroma. A portion of each pour goes to the Pink Boots Society, which promotes women in the brewing industry. No surprise, Pipette is a favorite of our own women in brewing, Tiffany and Hannah.

12. Beer Muscles Belgian IPA 7.7% ABV

An experimental IPA combining the fruity character of Belgian ale yeast and an aggressive double dry hop with New Zealand Pacific Jade hops, which have a peppery and bright citrus flavor.

13. Proper Hopper English IPA 7.7% ABV
A traditional English IPA packed full of biscuit Maris Otter malt and UK Fuggle and UK Goldings hops.

14. Altimate Warrior Altbier 5.5% ABV
The Altbier is a lesser known German ale brewed in Northern Germany. Ours balances rich bread and caramel malt flavor with German hops, notably a big late addition of Spalter and its delicate earthy and floral character. We like to think of it as a royal rumble of flavor in your mouth!

15. Floating In the Dark Schwarzbier 5.5% ABV
Complex, yet crushable! It features a malt and hop bill made up entirely of German hops and malt with just enough dark malts to give it layers of chocolate and slight roast flavors. It was finished with a generous late kettle addition of German Hallertau noble hops, giving it a wonderful floral finish.

16. #hopfart New England IPA 8.0% ABV

Bursting with orange and pineapple aroma and erupting with flavors of juicy tangerine and melon. It’s hazy, glows with brilliance, and it will make your #juicebumb tingle! For this batch we added Mandarina Bavaria to our hop trio, accompanying Citra and Mosaic.

17. Old Randy Dry Irish Stock Porter 5.3% ABV

The first of our ongoing Stock Ale series, featuring a blend of our barrel-aged porter and stout. We have a limited cask available till it’s gone, and the rest is served on nitro. We’ve heard if you have a pint from the cask, you’ll have the luck of Old Randy follow you for a full year, so don’t miss out!

18. Roast Beast American Stout on NITRO 6.0% ABV
Roast Beast on Nitro for a creamy finish, highlighting its sweeter malt notes.