When we started planning Modern Methods Brewing Company, we knew that we'd have to do some things different than other startups. I wasn't born wealthy, though I'm thankful for my comfortable upbringing. But when it comes time to start a brewery from the ground up and the costs start adding up, it would certainly be nice to be able to go to the bank of Mom and Dad for a check to pursue the dream.

With that option off the table, we sat down with some local banks to determine if that was a route we'd want to go. In the back of my mind, I knew that if this thing was going to succeed, we'd need broad community buy-in and with the help of an attorney, we created an equity structure where we could pursue private investment. From a fundraising standpoint, the response has been incredibly heartening. But more, we have built relationships with people who are truly invested in the success of our brewery. 

What's any of this got to do with sodablasting? And what the heck is sodablasting? Well, when you've had to earn every nickle and dime that goes into a project and there's a face and a story behind every single nick and dime in the company bank account, I've found that you tend to think twice about spending. So when we looked at our space and decided to painstakingly reveal the historic brickwork and rough sawn pine joists by spraying environmentally-safe baking soda media out of a high-pressure cannon, we had two options: pay someone or "DIY" - do it yourself. We went the DIY route.

Before: believe it or not, there was white paint below a decade's worth of grime on the brick.

Of course, we saved money. But in doing so, we also lived a central value of the brewery, which I affectionately call "hustle." It means that nobody is going to work harder than us to make this thing happen and when we can, we're going to use our own labor to make the dream a reality. We're leaving our fingerprints on the final product, the same as we will with our hand crafted beers for our customers. More still, we're tapping into the vast history and culture of hard work, independent-spirit , and teamwork that built this town and still exists today in each neighborhood, school, factory, restaurant, and everywhere in between.

Sappy? Sure. But it's what we believe: craft beer the hard way. And at the end of the day, there's value in the work that goes into every brick, every glass, and every satisfied customer. It's worth the sweat.

Oh, and if this sounds like it's up your alley and you want to get involved by investing or even volunteering to help the brewery out, reach out at adam@modernmethodsbrew.com.