Darlene Lager Beer 5.5% ABV
Delicate and drinkable. Our go-to lager brewed in the pre-prohibition style featuring a kiss of noble hops and a bit of sweetness from US-grown corn in the grist.

Dub City IPA  7.2% ABV
West coast-style IPA brewed with Midwestern charm!              

Roast Beast American Stout 6.0% ABV
Bronze Medal Winner – Stout– Ohio Craft Brewers Cup 2018
We strike a balance between the bold and the drinkable with our go-to stout. Roasty and coffee flavors with hints of chocolate.

Scrappy German Hefeweizen 5.1% ABV
Our version of the traditional Bavarian breakfast beer. Bright and refreshing, enjoy flavors of citrus, banana, and a hint of clove all from the unique yeast.

7 Frogs Local Pale Ale 6.8% ABV
Wet hopped with 41 lbs of Columbus, Cascade, and Chinook hops picked by the MM Fam at 7 Frogs Hop Farm (Mecca, OH). Featuring malt from Yarian Quality Malts (Columbiana), malted by West Branch Malts (Brunswick). A little piney, earthy, and citrusy, it’s a one of a kind beer!

Nina Amber Cerveza 5.3% ABV
Brewed with Vienna malt, flaked maize, and a heavy dose of New Zealand Motueka hops for their Saaz-like noble and prominent lime character. Nina is a supremely drinkable lager that finishes clean with subtle chocolate and Czech-lager yeast flavors.

Zauer Ränger Dry Hopped Sour Pilsner 4.4% ABV
Our collaboration beer with Birdfish Brewing of Columbiana. This kettle soured lager’s dry hopped and late kettle Mandarina Bavaria hops give a citrusy backbone. Traditional Bavarian lager yeast make it oh so easy to drink. Zauer Ränger is zauer, citrusy, and mighty crushing, Zauer Ränger!

On the Lamb Welsh Pale Ale 5.3% ABV
This recipe from Wales, where there are more sheep than people, features English pale and amber malts for a biscuity backbone and bright orange hue and is hopped late with East Kent Golding and dry hopped with Willamette for a delicious floral flavor and aroma. Fruity yeast brings everything into balance.

Farmhouse 908 Saison 6.1% ABV
Gold Medal Winner – Belgian/French Saison Category – Ohio Craft Brewers Cup 2018
All local malt (West Branch Malt, Brunswick, OH), local hops (Knucklehead, Leetonia, OH), and local oats and spelt (Stutzman Farms, Millersburg, OH) team up to support Earth Angel Farm to restore an old farmhouse on the west side. Bright, flowery, peppery, a bit of hay and straw flavor from wild yeast in the mix. $1 per pint/to-go goes to EAF!  

Mild and Crazy Kids English Mild 4.5% ABV
Quintessential British session ale, packed full of malt flavor from English Marris Otter base malt and caramel, chocolate, and roasted malts. English Ale yeast gives a slightly fruity backdrop for the roasty, nutty malt flavors. Lower ABV keeps the conversation flowing.

Gretchen Munich Helles Lager 5.8% ABV
Darlene’s German cousin! Gretchen features Bavarian lager yeast, letting the malt bill shine and her late kettle noble hops give a wonderful spicy bouquet of hop flavor and aroma. She’ll make your hills feel alive with the sound of brewsic!

Aunt Lizzie Pumpkin Ale 5.9% ABV
Aunt Lizzie famously screams each year at Warren’s Ghost Walk. We think you’ll scream with joy when you taste our pale take on pumpkin ale! It’s mashed with 65LBS of roasted pumpkin from Angiuli Farms in Canfield and boiled with pumpkin spices blended by Dave Grohl Alley’s own Travis Taylor of the Lime Tree. It is lighter than most, but well rounded, and full of bright flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove. 

Lil Squeaker Session New England IPA 5% ABV
Hopped aggressively with Denali hops and mashed with flaked oats and wheat, we packed a lil New England IPA with as much flavor as we could. Citrusy, a lil dank, and a good bit of pine rounds out this easy drinking NEIPA. Consider it a diet #juicebumb

Kexmas Ale 7.6% ABV
We set out to brew a supremely drinkable amber ale balanced out with Czech noble hops. Then we add a festive holiday blend of nutmeg, allspice, fresh grated ginger, and a ton of cinnamon sticks at the end of the boil. Residual sugars from a high mash temp and fermentation control give Kexmas a lingering holiday cookie sweetness that will warm your soul and have you kissing Santa (or Mrs.) Claus!

Floating In the Dark Schwarzbier 5.5%
Complex, yet crushable! It features a malt and hop bill made up entirely of German hops and malt with just enough dark malts to give it layers of chocolate and slight roast flavors. It was finished with a generous late kettle addition of German Hallertau noble hops, giving it a wonderful floral finish.

Dub2 Double IPA 9.2% ABV
Packed full of Citra and Amarillo hops with a malt bill of 2-row, Carapils, honey malt, and white wheat makes for a giant hop wallop with a bit of sweetness. It punches high, but drinks easy like Sunday morning!

#hopfart New England IPA 7.0% ABV
Bursting with orange and pineapple aroma and erupting with flavors of juicy tangerine and melon. It’s hazy, glows with brilliance, and it will make your #juicebumb tingle! For this batch we added Mandarina Bavaria to our hop trio, accompanying Citra and Mosaic late kettle and #dububble dry hop. It’s our ripest round of #hopfart yet! #hazebro #milkshank

Roast Beast American Stout on NITRO 6.0% ABV
The Beast on Nitro for a creamy finish.